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Donor Story Mary Ellen & Curt Fauth

Donors Kurt and Mary Ellen Fauth

Mary Ellen and Curt Fauth

Much of Mary Ellen Fauth’s adult life has been associated with Sturdy Memorial Hospital. “I gave birth to my second child here, our primary care physicians are Sturdy physicians, and as we get older—our more complicated health issues are being treated by the doctors we’ve grown to trust here,” shares Fauth.

Fauth and her husband Curt have been married for 50 years. After growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts and then being brought out to California for work, they found themselves settling in Southeastern, MA to raise their family—first in Wrentham and later in Foxboro. Having no knowledge of Sturdy prior to her pregnancy, the delivery of her baby was the catalyst for their long term involvement with the Hospital.

“I felt a strong need to be a part of something greater than myself,” recalls Fauth. “At the time there was an opportunity to be on the board of Sturdy’s Auxillary, which I took. I was responsible for assisting our senior citizens, driving them to places they needed to go and making sure they had what they needed. The woman I assisted, I’ll never forget her,” shares Fauth. “I quickly learned the landscape of Attleboro bringing her to shops I didn’t know existed.”

As the years went on, Fauth became more heavily involved with the Hospital, sitting on the Board of the Auxillary for Membership and later as the President of the Auxillary. As the Auxillary dissolved, Fauth continued to dedicate her time to the Hospital and sat on the Foundation Board, serving as both a President and member for many years.

“I trust Sturdy and the care it provides,” states Fauth. “Sturdy is my Hospital.” Which is why after all these years, Mr. and Mrs. Fauth continue to give back to the Hospital through annual donations each and every year.

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