Language Services

For patients who don't speak English or who are more comfortable discussing medical information in another language, interpreter services are available at no charge. Please make your request upon arrival with our registration coordinators or through your care provider. For our deaf and hard of hearing patients, ASL interpreters, auxiliary aids, and/or communication in an alternate format are available at no charge.

video interpreterTranslation & Interpreting Resources

If you, or a family member, require access to translation services, we offer a range of resources to assist. We will ensure your ability to communicate your needs and provide the necessary information so that you understand the plan of care.

If you have any questions regarding our interpreter and language services, call the Human Resources Department at 508-236-8850.

Interpreting Services:

  • We offer Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and voice interpreting services through InDemand Interpreting. InDemand provides high quality video and audio services designed specifically for healthcare professionals and patients, allowing us to access medically qualified interpreters 24/7
  • We also contract with CyraCom International to provide telephone interpretation services

Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services:

  • Services for communicating with deaf and hearing impaired patients are provided through Partners Interpreting. Partners provides a suite of communication access solutions with sign language interpreters and captioning services
    • Resources for deaf consumers are available through Partners Interpreting

Flower & Gift Delivery

We deliver to patient rooms! Flowers and gifts can be ordered over the phone and will be delivered by a staff member to the patient. Call us at 508-236-8044 to place an order.

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Cheer Cards

You can send a patient a Cheer Card by selecting from the many different templates we have available on our website. Cards may be emailed directly to the patient or printed and delivered to the patient by a staff member or volunteer.

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