Financial Assistance

We offer low income, uninsured and under-insured patients guidance in applying for financial assistance through either state public programs or hospital programs to help with their bills for emergency and medically necessary services. Assistance for these programs is determined by reviewing, among other items, an individual’s household income, assets, family size, expenses, and medical needs. Patients who are eligible for assistance under the Financial Assistance Policy [PDF] (Politica de Asistencia Financiera) will not be charged more than amounts generally billed to patients who have insurance, for emergency and medically necessary care. Summaries [PDF] (Resumen de la póliza de asistencia financiera) of the policies are also available.

Who is eligible?

Massachusetts residents and any other patient who presents at the hospital or its remote locations with incomes up to 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) may be eligible for free or discounted care.

  • Patients whose income is 150% or less of the FPL may receive free care
  • Patients with an income above 150% and up to 300% of the FPL may be eligible for partial or discounted care

How do I know if I'm eligible?

How do I apply?

Patients who have questions or wish to apply can do so by calling the Financial Counselor’s office. After a telephone screening, if the Financial Counselor determines the patient needs to come in, they will arrange an appointment. Paper copies of the policy and application forms can also be mailed to you at no charge by contacting the Financial Counselor’s office.

Patients may be eligible for full or partial financial assistance on their bills through public assistance or hospital programs, including MassHealth, the Premium Assistance Payment Program operated by the Health Connector, the Children’s Medical Security Plan, the Health Safety Net and Medical Hardship.

Patients who qualify for financial assistance may receive services which are not covered [PDF] under the hospital’s Financial Assistance Policy [PDF]. These services are typically performed by providers not employed or contracted by the hospital.

The hospital will not charge any individual who is eligible for assistance under its financial assistance policy for emergency and medically necessary care more than the “amount generally billed [PDF]” to individuals who have insurance for such care.

Financial Counselors

The hospital’s financial counselors can help to determine your eligibility for financial assistance programs. For any assistance, please call 508-236-8128 or 508-236-8127.

Patient Financial Services

Patient Financial Service Reps are available to answer any questions about charges and to help patients make arrangements for payment. An itemized bill listing all hospital services, medical supplies, medications, tests and treatments is available upon request. You are responsible for assuring that the financial obligations of your health care are fulfilled. Professional services provided by the Radiology Department, Pathology, and Anesthesia are billed separately. Payment for these services should be made to the appropriate physician or testing facility and not the hospital. For any assistance, please call 888-894-0926.


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Financial Assistance Questions?

Call 508-236-8127 or 508-236-8128. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8am – 3:30pm.