Advance Directives

The case management department at Sturdy Memorial Hospital is comprised of nurses and social workers who collaborate with other health care providers in ensuring that services which best meet the needs of each patient are timely and available. Staff assists patients and families in exploring options for rehabilitation as well as long-term placements. In addition, case management is a resource to the community for information on support groups, health care proxies, and many other health related services.

Case Management

Our staff is available to provide support to you, your family or significant other to obtain supplies or arrange for services necessary to meet your health care needs in preparation for your discharge. Your physician will provide case management staff with needed orders for your discharge. If you are concerned about safety at home, please request information about available personal response systems.

Health Care Proxy

We respect the rights of all patients to make decisions about their health care. If, because of illness or injury, a person is unable to express his or her treatment preferences, an advance medical directive can ensure those wishes are followed. One of the directives legally recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the Health Care Proxy, which allows you to designate someone to make decisions about your health care if you are unable to make them yourself. You will be offered the opportunity to prepare a Health Care Proxy when you are admitted.

Massachusetts Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST)

MOLST is a standardized medical order form for use by clinicians caring for patients with serious advancing illnesses.

Organ Donation

Every day, thousands of people await the gift of life made possible through organ donation. If you would like more information about becoming an organ donor, call the New England Donor Bank at 617-244-8000 or, our staff can call on your behalf. Once you have made the decision to become an organ donor, we urge you to discuss your intent with your family, in addition to signing an organ donor card.

Contact Case Management

For more information about advance medical directives or to speak with a member of case management, call 508-236-7680.