Medical Information and Communication in MySturdyHealth

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Is my past medical history information available on the MySturdyHealth patient portal?

No, only your health information from appointments on or after October 19, 2020 will be on MySturdyHealth. This is because MySturdyHealth is a feature of our new electronic health record launched with Cerner in October 2020. As it is a new system, only your new medical information will be available in the patient portal, all of your previous medical information is kept in your medical record which you can obtain copies of by calling 508-236-8300

What features are included in the Medication Section of MySturdyHealth?

The medication section of MySturdyHealth allows you to:

  • View a list of your active medications
  • Access information about the medications you are taking
  • Request medication refills from your provider.

Why is MySturdyHealth missing some of my current medications?

The medication listing in MySturdyHealth reflects only those medications that have been prescribed by a provider within the Sturdy network of care. If you have been prescribed medication by another provider outside of the network, it will not be in your record until your next medical appointment with a Sturdy provider.

Can I access my visit notes on the MySturdyHealth Patient Portal?

If you receive care at Sturdy Memorial Hospital or at one of our Associates medical offices, your provider's care notes will be included in your patient portal. Notes from providers outside of the Sturdy network of care will not be in your MySturdyHealth Patient Portal.

When can I see my test results using the MySturdyHealth Patient Portal?

At Sturdy, we believe it is important that you have access to all of your medical information as soon as it becomes available. To ensure this happens, we release all notes and test results to you immediately. Because of this, you may see your results BEFORE your provider has had adequate time to review them. Learn more about this here.

Can I send messages to my care team using MySturdyHealth?

Yes! You can communicate with your care team on MySturdyHealth through a secure online messaging system. You will receive portal notifications in the messaging inbox. You care team will make every effort to respond within two business days..

Do not message your care team if you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 and get to your nearest emergency department for immediate care.

What should I do if I have questions or concerns about the health information in MySturdyHealth account?

If you have any questions or concerns or do not understand something in your health record, please contact your provider directly to discuss further.