Accessing MySturdyHealth Patient Portal

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How do I set up an account on the Sturdy Memorial Patient Portal?

You can set up your account the next time you have a visit Sturdy Memorial Hospital or one of Sturdy Memorial Associates medical offices as a patient. You'll be asked if you would like an invitation to sign up for the patient portal. If you do, you'll be asked for your current email address. You'll receive a secure email with an invitation to sign up for the portal. We encourage you to sign up as soon as possible to ensure your information is correct and further guarantee you have access to your medical record if you need it. Please know, the log-in link sent to your email will expire after 90 days. 

How do I access the Patient Portal if I don't have an upcoming appointment?

If you don't have any upcoming appointments at Sturdy Memorial Hospital or Sturdy Memorial Associates, you will have to come to the Hospital to visit the Health Information Management Department located on the ground floor of the Hospital. 

In order to protect your privacy, portal access cannot be granted over the phone. Upon your visit, our staff will assist you with setting up a portal account. Please note that if you have not had any visits to either the Hospital or one of our medical practices, you will not have any health reports or data in the Sturdy Memorial Portal. You will have access to other features such as messaging and requesting appointments.

The activation code sent to my email is not working, what do I do?

Your activation code expires after 90 days if you do not register your account. Additionally, if if you set up your account, the activation code will no longer work. Activation codes cannot be reused, if you need a new activation code, call 508-236-8633

Can I access MySturdyHealth on my smart phone or other device? Healthelife App Logo

Yes! You can download the HealtheLife in the App store on your iOS device of the Google Play Store on your android device. Simply search for HealtheLife by Cerner and download it for free. You can also access MySturdyHealth right from you web browser on your computer.