Christine B.

Our Rainbow after the Storm

My relationship with Sturdy started years ago at Mansfield Health Center where I received my primary care. When I needed an OB/GYN, my nurse practitioner recommended Dr. Philosophe. As my doctor, he always made me feel comfortable and explained everything that was going on with my body in a way that I could understand it. When it was determined I needed surgery due to endometriosis, he was not only professional but reassuring and compassionate to my concerns. My husband even commented on how great he was!

When we became pregnant a few years later, there was no question as to who I wanted as my doctor and where I would deliver. I had heard wonderful things about the maternity unit at Sturdy and looked forward to experiencing them first hand. And while our first experience isn't anything that an expectant mom envisions, it is worth sharing. At 39 weeks and six days, my husband and I suffered the tragic loss of our son, Daniel due to natural causes. Losing a child is an unfathomable loss, one that we feel each and every day. But in our grief, we chose to remember the compassion, support, and genuine empathy we felt from the doctors and nurses at Sturdy. They helped us get through one of the most difficult times of our lives. We left the hospital on Daniel's due date with immense feelings of grief from our loss and gratitude for those who helped us get through the darkest hours.

Michael Baker with teddy bearMichael B.

Seven-month-old Michael sits with a teddy bear, which honors his brother Daniel.

My husband and I knew that we would eventually want to try for another baby. We just didn't anticipate becoming pregnant so soon. Our rainbow baby, Michael was due just eleven months after Daniel's passing. When we found out we were pregnant, again, there was no question as to where we would deliver. We trusted the doctors and nurse practitioners at Sturdy Memorial Associates at Plainville, and knew the level of care from the nurses on the maternity unit at the hospital was unparalleled. I was considered somewhat high risk, and with obvious anxiety, my concerns were always greeted with a genuine response and a quick call to action. At the end of my pregnancy, I was beyond nervous. We had been here before, a perfect pregnancy, until it wasn't. I was induced a week early, and delivered a healthy baby boy on July 5, 2018 via C-section. There wasn't a dry eye in the room when he took his first breath.

When we found out we were pregnant with Michael, we had friends and family members suggest that we go up to Boston to one of the bigger hospitals, but we knew we were in the most capable hands at Sturdy. Why would we go anywhere else when we knew that we would be treated with professionalism, expertise, and above all else - kindness.

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Christine's Family PhotoChristine B.

My relationship with Sturdy started years ago at Mansfield Health Center where I received my primary care. When I needed an OB/GYN, my nurse practitioner recommended Dr. Philosophe.

Christine's Story

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