Exercise Wellness Program

women exercising on equipmentPrevention is key to achieving and maintaining good health. Let us help you improve your physical well being through our eight week wellness exercise program. Our medically supervised program provides you with exercise prescriptions, clinical supervision, aerobic and strength training, dietary guidance, and assistance with smoking cessation.

This program is a great option for a wide array of conditions including:

Prenatal Exercise Wellness

Our Wellness Exercise Program also offers a prenatal exercise program to expectant mothers. Exercise can help ease some of the common discomforts women experience during pregnancy.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, exercising while pregnant can help reduce backaches, may decrease risk of gestational diabetes, and promotes healthy weight gain during pregnancy. In addition, exercising while pregnant can help to improve endurance and strength, preparing you for labor and delivery. Sturdy's Prenatal Exercise Program is a 16-session program that includes resistance and aerobic training, pelvic floor strengthening exercises, as well as education about prenatal health and wellness. Our exercise physiologists are medically trained and will monitor you during your workouts to help you stay healthy and active during your pregnancy.

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