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Man working with physical therapistRehabilitation plays an important role in helping you heal and recover from a wide range of injuries, illnesses and conditions. Whether you are experiencing a loss of functioning due to a disease or an injury, our team of licensed specialists can work with you to restore your health and overall well being.

We offer both inpatient and outpatient services in our state of the art rehabilitation center.

Physical Therapy is used to increase your physical strength and mobility.

Speech Therapy is used to improve your communication.

Occupational Therapy is used to improve your ability to complete daily living tasks.

    We use specialized equipment during therapy including:

    • Basic gym equipment for a wide array of strengthening exercises
    • Electrical stimulation to relieve pain and assist in reducing muscle spasms
    • Inversion tables to assist with low back pain
    • Treadmills and bicycles to improve endurance
    • Specialized tools to improve fine motor skills as well as improve strength
    • SonaSpeechII to provide real time biofeedback

    Lymphedema Therapy

    If you suffer from lymphedema our certified lymphedema specialists can help alleviate your symptoms. While lymphedema is a life-long condition, it can be managed. At the lymphedema clinic, we perform complete decongestive therapy which consists of:

    • Manual lymph drainage (MLD)
    • Compression therapy
    • Exercise
    • Skin and nail care
    • Instructions in self care

    MLD is a gentle manual technique that involves re-routing the fluid to lymph nodes that are functioning. After MLD, compression bandaging is applied to further reduce the swelling. Upon completion of therapy, compression garments are worn to prevent future swelling.

    Cancer Rehabilitation

    Ourcancer rehabilitationprogram is focused on improving the lives of the survivors who suffer from the side effects caused by cancer treatments. The program provides coordinated cancer rehabilitation supported by a team of specially trained clinicians and providers including physical, occupational and speech therapists.

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