Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Man on oxygen canulasIf you have a diagnosis of lung disease, pulmonary rehabilitation at Sturdy Memorial Hospital can help. Our carefully-structured exercise and education program is designed to help you improve and maintain activity levels while enhancing your quality of life. Our pulmonary specialists combine breathing and aerobic exercises with weight training, education, and expert speakers to help you return to your highest functional level.

Discuss the possible benefits of pulmonary rehab with your primary care physician. A doctor’s order is required before you begin the program. Participants must be non-smoking, and current EKGs, pulmonary function tests, and chest x-rays, are required.

Our Program

Each pulmonary rehab session lasts between 6 and 12 weeks, with 3 classes each week that are 1.5 hours long. During each class, pulmonary rehab staff will offer direction and assistance as participants perform aerobic and strengthening exercises.

Patients with a variety of lung ailments, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), might be candidates for pulmonary rehab. Even those with very low levels of function and mobility can achieve substantial improvements. Wellness programs are available to help you continue to improve your fitness once pulmonary rehab ends.

The History of Pulmonary Rehab at Sturdy

Pulmonary rehabilitation at Sturdy began as a four-patient "experiment" to determine whether an exercise and education program might have long term advantages for those with COPD. We knew that cardiac patients had shown greater improvement and compliance rates with cardiac rehabilitation and assumed pulmonary patients would benefit from a similar treatment model. At the end of 24 visits, the pilot group showed marked improvements in both their activity levels and well-being.

What started as one of the area's first small groups has grown into a highly-respected program with two sessions running concurrently each week. Thanks to the efforts of test programs like Sturdy's, pulmonary rehabilitation has become a standard of care, covered by Medicare and most insurance companies, helping patients achieve substantial improvements in lung function, mobility, and self-care.

Contact Our Pulmonary and Respiratory Department

For more information about our pulmonary and respiratory services or to learn more about cardiopulmonary rehab, please call 508-236-7390.

Patient Stories

  • Dave Capraro, pulmonary patient on treadmillDave C.

    Dave is a husband, father and retired Attleboro Firefighter. In February of 2015, Dave was diagnosed with IPF or Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. In 2017, Dave’s condition deteriorated and medications were no longer effective. The next step for him was a lung transplant. Dave began pulmonary rehab at our Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Center. Pulmonary rehab provided Dave a safe, medically supervised environment to condition and prepare his body for surgery. He underwent a double lung transplant in January 2018. Thanks to his conditioning with pulmonary rehab prior to his surgery, he was in great shape to receive his lung transplant. Because of his great progress, Dave was able to be discharged home rather than being admitted to an inpatient rehab facility. He is back working hard in Pulmonary Rehab with a new, healthier future.

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