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Pulmonary Clinic

The Pulmonary Clinic at Sturdy Memorial Hospital is an outpatient clinic that seeks to bridge the gap between hospital and home for patients with pulmonary disease. Staffed by a physician, nurse practitioner, registered

nurse, and a respiratory therapist the clinic evaluates how a patient is doing after returning home from the hospital. By providing treatment and education, the team helps patients better understand their medical conditions, allowing them greater independence and an improved quality of life.

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Sick Visits

The Pulmonary Clinic provides "sick visits" to patients who may be experiencing an increase in symptoms and feel they need to be seen sooner than when their pulmonologist is available.

How Can the Clinic Help?

If you are diagnosed with pulmonary disease and have been recently discharged from the hospital, you should schedule an appointment with the Pulmonary Clinic within your first week of returning home. By doing so, our team can help you:

  • Reduce respiratory symptoms and shortness of breath.
  • Reduce hospitalizations.
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Improve feelings of hope, control, and self-esteem.
  • Educate family members and encourage involvement and support.
  • Be a resource to help answer questions and evaluate treatment plans.

Services We Provide

Our goal is to help you breathe right so you can breathe better. To assist in caring for your specific medical needs, the pulmonary clinic provides a variety of services.

  • Patient and family education on self management, medication, and equipment.
  • Individualized plan of care for your specific needs.
  • Support for healthy lifestyle choices such as nutrition education, smoking cessation, and stress reduction.
  • Referral assistance to additional programs and services.
  • Pulmonary hygiene and management strategies.
  • Specialized, on-site equipment and technology.
  • Ongoing evaluation and adjustment of current treatment plans.
  • Symptom management.

To make an appointment at the clinic, please call (508) 236-7497.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Pulmonary Clinic Located?

The clinic is located on the first floor of Sturdy Memorial Hospital.

How long will my visit be?

Your first appointment will be 30 minutes long. Follow-up appointments will average 20 minutes.

How much will this visit cost?

Most insurances cover these visits. Our team will assist in determining coverage prior to your scheduled appointment.

Does the clinic replace my pulmonologist?

No, your visits serve as a way to support the care of your pulmonologist.

Contact Our Pulmonary and Respiratory Department

For more information about our pulmonary and respiratory services or to learn more pulmonary rehab, please call 508-236-7550.