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pharmacist filling prescriptionAt Sturdy Memorial Hospital, we have both an inpatient and outpatient pharmacy. This allows us to prepare medications for our patients during their stay in the hospital and after discharge home.

Outpatient Pharmacy

The outpatient pharmacy at Sturdy allows both patients and the general public to easily fill their prescriptions. As an inpatient here at the hospital, you may ask your care providers to fill your needed prescriptions for you prior to discharge. This makes your transition home or to a care facility seamless and hassle-free. For those undergoing a surgical procedure, whether overnight or same-day, our outpatient pharmacy staff is available to assist and have your prescriptions ready for you. We welcome the general public to use our hospital as your trusted local pharmacy for both filling and refilling medications.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located on the first floor of Sturdy Memorial Hospital. Please enter through the Surgical Day Care entrance (located on Park Street). There are dedicated parking spots available for those visiting the pharmacy.

doctor with prescriptionAbout Us

The outpatient pharmacy at Sturdy Memorial Hospital accepts most insurance plans and is a licensed retail pharmacy. We are open to the public. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are available for purchase, and we can order most items by next business day. Our staff can easily transfer prescriptions from your current pharmacy. Our fax number is 508-236-7624.

Pharmacy Manager:

Melissa Quirk

Filling Your Prescriptions

Looking to fill your prescriptions at our pharmacy? Contact our team of dedicated pharmacists at 508-236-7621. Our fax number is 508-236-7624.