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orthopedic doctorCare For Orthopedic Injuries

Our orthopedic care team offers services to treat and improve quality of life. Along with treating injuries and diseases of bones, joints, muscles and tendons, other services include total joint replacements, back and hand surgeries. A special unit within the hospital is dedicated to the care of orthopedic patients.

The extensively trained physicians and medical professionals at Sturdy Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Associates can help you keep your body in motion. Our providers offer comprehensive care to those suffering from orthopedic injuries and musculoskeletal pain, whether it’s the acute pain that can be felt after a car accident or fall, or the less intense but ever-present chronic pain that may result from performing the same movements day in and day out at work. Treatment options may range from physical therapy to surgical procedures such as minimally invasive knee, hip and shoulder arthroscopies, knee and hip replacements, as well as microscopic and general hand procedures.

shoulder injuryShoulder Pain

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that can be structurally unstable and, compared to other joints, more susceptible to dislocation. Repeated dislocations can tear the glenoid labrum—this is the ring of fibrous tissue surrounding the socket in the shoulder. Bankart lesions refer to tears of the inferior or bottom portions of the glenoid labrum; SLAP (Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior) lesions refer to tears of the labrum’s superior or top portions. The glenoid labrum stabilizes the shoulder joint and, without repairing associated tears, young athletes can experience chronic complications into adulthood such as recurring dislocations and arthritis.

After diagnosing tears with an MRI, repairing Bankart or SLAP lesions requires arthroscopic surgery. With arthroscopy, the orthopedic surgeon uses two to three small incisions and a scope (camera) to further inspect and repair tears. While it is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, patients generally carry out six weeks of physical therapy and abstain from contact sports for four to six months post-surgery to restore full function and range of motion.

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