Patient Stories

From helping to find funds for adaptive equipment to providing treatments and support, our team goes the distance to help patients take control of their disease and manage their symptoms. It's our mission to minimize the impact of MS and improve outcomes for our patients. Here are some of their stories.

Theresa B.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 15 years ago. I have been a patient at Sturdy Memorial Hospital the last four years, and Dr. Singhal outshines my previous neurologists. He is very open to conversations about my own research and takes time to listen and personalize his recommendations. From medical advice to emotional support, the level of specialized care I receive continues to impress me.

Dr. Singhal’s demeanor reflects so well on his staff, all of whom are a delight to work with. One staff member even went out of her way to find a support group for me. I am beyond grateful to be a patient at Sturdy Memorial’s Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, and I highly recommend it for anyone with MS.

Jess HJess H.

"I was diagnosed with MS in November 2013. Right away, Dr. Dhillon blocked out time to see me. I felt so welcomed at Sturdy; the team seamlessly organized and coordinated my treatment plan and answered all my questions. This and each visit since, I talk to every member of my care team. They take the time to educate me on everything from my medications, treatments, and physical therapy, to offering everyday tips for symptom management."

Tom MTom M.

"In 2010, I was experiencing numbness and soreness in my left arm. It wasn't carpal tunnel and it wasn't Lyme disease I'd gone through several tests so one day when it was really bothering me I went to Sturdy's Emergency Care Center. A doctor from the MS Center came in to evaluate me, as I had other symptoms like dizziness and fatigue, and my walking gait was off. I went for MRI testing and was diagnosed with MS. In this instance, and since, MS Center staff continue to advocate for me. They've coordinated not only my treatments and therapy, but helped me get the disability benefits I need, as I'm no longer able to work. It's great coming here, and I'm happy to work with Dr. Singhal now."

Karen DKaren D.

"The MS Center offers great, comprehensive care. I've been a nurse in Rhode Island for 22 years as - a neurosurgery nurse - and as a patient I prefer to research any treatment options recommended to me before accepting them. The staff take into consideration my concerns, listen to my opinions, and answer my questions. They're all very professional and friendly. I've started BOTOX for leg spasms and I'm seeing improvement, and also go for PT here at every visit. Diagnosed in 1998, I've been coming to Sturdy's MS Center since 1999, and will continue."

Valerie DValerie D.

"I've been coming to the MS Center since 2004, when I was diagnosed. From the MS Center to Oncology, where I go for IV infusions as part of my treatment, the staff members are all very friendly. I love them. The best part is that my treatment is very individualized, and is my own decision. I'm given options and recommendations for care, but ultimately, it's up to me what treatment avenues I take."

Ruth RRuth R.

"I live in the Dartmouth area, but coming to the MS Center is worth the hour drive. I was diagnosed in 2000 and have been a patient of the Center since 2008, and get my checkups and medication management here. Dr. Dhillon and nurses are excellent. When I have questions about treatments or anything MS-related, I know I can call the Center and get a response right away. I'm happy with my care at Sturdy."

Gwynn F.

"I don't feel like a number here. I've lived with MS for more than 19 years, was treated in New Hampshire while I lived there, and returned to this area in Massachusetts, where I grew up. I started treatment at Sturdy's MS Center in 2012. All the staff members are so friendly and caring. They bend over backwards to coordinate all the care I need so I don't have to navigate the health care system on my own. I haven't always experienced this elsewhere. Here, they offer everything from medical management to physical therapy and support services. The convenience of having a one-stop shop for my MS care, locally, and with a valet service, makes life so much easier for someone with a disability. It means I can come to Sturdy on my own, without having to wait for a friend or family member to come with me to my appointments. This kind of independence helps with managing a chronic illness."

Phyllis HPhyllis H.

"I used to go to Boston for my care, where I worked as a nurse manager for several years. But I live locally, so within the last year I started coming to Sturdy's MS Center. It's more convenient for me and everyone I need to see for my care is here. Managing my MS since 1987, I appreciate this kind of convenience and local, comprehensive support."

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