Diabetes Program - Patient Testimonials

Our Diabetes Management Program is an interactive education process led by a Diabetes Educator to assess, identify, and assist people with diabetes, and their families, on ways to best manage their disease and prevent complications. Our Diabetes Management Program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education and Support.

"I would definitely recommend all people with diabetes go to the Diabetes education program at Sturdy. Getting diabetes was a blessing in disguise. I was not eating health and eating out a lot. There was a lot of junk food around. After speaking with the diabetes educator, we discussed meal planning and portion control.

I now feel like I am making healthy choices at home and when I go out to eat. I have been able to get my blood sugars in control and I lost 17 pounds! I feel much better and have so much more energy to join in the fun things in life. I listened and I care about my health, I did not want to get any of the chronic complications that come when someone has diabetes out of control."

~ Kristin Elizabeth Adams

"I would recommend that everyone go to see a diabetes educator, especially Peg Flocco who is patient, attentive and good at explaining the best ways to understand and deal with diabetes. The greatest benefit was the patient explanation of how to use the freestyle device to read the glucose level in my blood by reading the device on my arm. She explained how to put the sensor on my arm and how to do it many times! She helped with the amount of everything I should eat!"

~ Catherine M.

Yes, I would recommend people see a diabetes educator. It helped me understand what I had to do for next steps. No just doctor appointments but what I do at home. I was scared and Peg helped me realize I could do this with the education she provided.

The diabetes program relieved my fears and helped me move forward past the medical jargon.

Moderation is key to success, not depravation

~ Nicole L.

How Do I Register for Diabetes Education?

Diabetes education is a standard of care for all people with diabetes and is covered by most insurances. To register, you will need to obtain a referral from your primary care provider. If your provider is in the SMH Network a consult order will be sent to the diabetes message center. The diabetes office coordinator will then contact you to schedule an appointment. 

If your provider is outside of our SMH Network the provider can contact us directly at 508-236-7166 or fax a referral to 508-236-7647.  

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