Diagnostics For Your Breast Health

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When it comes to breast health, screening is your best protection. At Sturdy we offer you a number of diagnostic services to help you maintain your breast health.

Screening Mammogram - If you haven't had any breast symptoms or signs of breast cancer such as a previous abnormal mammogram, you will likely have a screening mammogram. This type of mammogram uses 2D images to aid in detection of breast cancer before it has grown to a size that it can be felt.

3D Mammogram - Digital breast tomosynthesis is the latest in imaging technology that takes multiple images of your breast to aid in detection of breast cancer. If you have dense breasts, this used in combination with 2D imaging can aid in identifying breast cancer that may have otherwise not been found.

Diagnostic Mammogram - Diagnostic mammograms are typically used if you have one or more breast problems (a lump or nipple discharge), or when an abnormal area was found in a screening mammogram. Sometimes diagnostic mammograms are done for screening in women without breast problems who were previously treated for breast cancer. During a diagnostic mammogram, the images are reviewed by one of our radiologists while you're there so that more pictures can be taken if needed to look more closely at an area of concern.

Breast Ultrasound - Breast ultrasound uses sound waves to make images of the breast. It is non-invasive and often used as a follow-up test if you have abnormal breast finding. It could also be used if you have denser breasts or have an increased risk of breast cancer.

Needle Biopsy - Stereotactic needle biopsy uses mammography to help locate a breast abnormality and remove a tissue sample for examination under a microscope. It's less invasive than surgical biopsy, leaves little to no scarring and can be an excellent way to evaluate calcium deposits or tiny masses that are not visible on ultrasound.

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