Douglas DiCola, MD


Primary Care and Sports Medicine

Accepting new patients.

Dr. Douglas DiCola is a primary care physician at Sturdy Memorial Associates at Plainville and a sports medicine physician at Sturdy Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Associates. He's always had a passion for science and considered as a 'people's person' by his peers, which led him into his career as a physician. 

Dr. DiCola approaches care by first learning about his patients needs and developing relationships built on trust, which is essential in working towards the betterment of their health. The idea of impacting the quality of his patient's lives for the better has kept him extremely motivated throughout his career. 

In Dr. DiCola's spare time he enjoys playing recreational baseball, softball, running, skiing and showcasing his musical talents on the guitar and piano (oldies and indie rock are his go to). He also enjoys attending a variety of conferences to further his medical knowledge in both sports medicine and family medicine. 





Primary Care, Sports Medicine

Medical School

Boston University School of Medicine, Medical Doctorate


Providence College, Bachelor of Science in Biology


Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency, Family Medicine Resident Physician


Maine Dartmouth Sports Medicine Fellowship, Sports Medicine Fellow

Sturdy Memorial Associates Physician

Board Certified

AMA, AMSSM, ACSM, MMS/Family Medicine, CAQ in Sports Medicine 

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