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Find a Provider

The providers affiliated with Sturdy Memorial include both Sturdy Memorial Associates and affiliate/non-staff. Sturdy Memorial Associates providers and locations are part of the Sturdy Memorial Hospital network, and allow for continuity of care through our medical records system. These providers will be labeled with our Sturdy Memorials Associates image, so it will be clear to you which providers are part of our network. Please use the options below to help you find a provider that fits your needs.


2 Providers Adult Hip & Knee Reconstruction
1 Provider Aesthetic Medicine
4 Providers Allergy
5 Providers Anesthesiology
3 Providers Cancer Care
4 Providers Cardiac Care
3 Providers Critical Care
5 Providers Dermatology
24 Providers Emergency Medicine
1 Provider Endocrinology
26 Providers Family Medicine
4 Providers Gastroenterology
3 Providers General Surgery
2 Providers Hand & Wrist
3 Providers Hematology
1 Provider Hospice & Palliative Care
11 Providers Hospitalist
1 Provider Infectious Disease
12 Providers Internal Medicine
1 Provider Menopause
2 Providers Multiple Sclerosis
1 Provider Nephrology
4 Providers Neurology
2 Providers Neurosurgery
12 Providers Obstetrics/Gynecology
1 Provider Occupational Therapy
4 Providers Ophthalmology
4 Providers Optometry
1 Provider Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
6 Providers Orthopedics
3 Providers Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment
3 Providers Otolaryngology
2 Providers Pain Management
1 Provider Pathology
11 Providers Pediatrics
6 Providers Physical Therapy
2 Providers Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
5 Providers Podiatry
34 Providers Primary Care
4 Providers Pulmonary Medicine
12 Providers Radiation Oncology
4 Providers Radiology
3 Providers Rheumatology
2 Providers Sleep Medicine
4 Providers Sports Medicine
1 Provider Surgical Oncology
1 Provider Thoracic Surgery
7 Providers Urgent Care
3 Providers Urogynecology
3 Providers Urology
1 Provider Vascular Surgery
3 Providers Wound Care

Physician Referral Line

Need help finding a provider? Call our Physician Referral Line at 508-236-8500 for a list of our physicians accepting new patients.