COVID-19 Testing | Sturdy Memorial Hospital | Attleboro

COVID-19 Testing

Sturdy Memorial Hospital provides options for COVID-19 testing through our COVID Clinic. Please review our frequently asked questions for more information on this service.

Does Sturdy have a COVID testing site?

Yes. Sturdy Memorial Hospital's COVID Clinic has a drive-thru testing site located at the Hospital. Please do not enter the Hospital to get tested. Refer to this map for where to go for testing.

How to I get a COVID test?

Sturdy's drive-thru testing site is for patients with a physician within the Sturdy network. You must have a physician order to have a test done.

What do I do if I don't have a doctor within the Sturdy Network?

If you don't have a Sturdy physician, you can contact one of our Sturdy Urgent Care location to schedule an appointment in-person or via telehealth. The provider will determine if a COVID test is necessary and will order test if necessary. We have two locations for your convenience, Sturdy Memorial Urgent Care Plainville and Sturdy Memorial Urgent Care South Attleboro location. 

Can a doctor outside of Sturdy's network send a patient with an order for testing?

Yes, this is possible on a limited basis. Please speak with your provider who can contact the COVID Clinic for further details.

I need a test for travel, work, or school, does Sturdy provide this?

At this time, the Travel Clinic has been closed. Please call your primary care provider for further instruction. 

Is the COVID-19 test covered by insurance?

A COVID-19 test is covered by insurance if you are experiencing symptoms, need to be tested prior to a procedure, or need to be tested due to being a close contact of a COVID positive patient. Please contact your insurance company to determine if testing for any other reasons outside of those stated above are covered. Our travel clinic DOES NOT accept insurance for testing.

If my COVID-19 test is not covered by insurance, what is the cost?

If you are having a COVID-19 test for a reason that's not covered by your insurance the cost is $150.00 and must be paid at the time of the booking through the Travel Clinic.

Do I need an appointment to have a COVID-19 test?

Yes, you need an appointment to have a COVID test done. This will be scheduled at the time your test is ordered by your Sturdy PCP or the Travel Clinic. They will notify you of the date and time of your test.

How do I receive my test results?

You will receive your results from the physician who ordered your test or the Travel Clinic

How long does it take to receive my results?

Test results vary depending on which lab is completing your test. At this time, results are typically available within 72 hours.

Do I need to self-quarantine while awaiting my test results?

Yes, it is strongly advised that you self-quarantine until your test results return. For patients preparing for a procedure, we ask that you quarantine from the time you had the test until the day of your actual procedure for your safety and the safety of the healthcare providers who will be treating you. If you were tested because you had symptoms of COVID-19 please discuss with your ordering provider if you need to continue to self-quarantine even if the COVID-19 test is negative.

If I tested positive, how long before I can get another test and how do I get one?

You need to contact your PCP to discuss your next steps if you test positive, this includes re-testing.

Does Sturdy offer Rapid COVID-19 tests?

At this time rapid COVID-19 testing is not available at Sturdy.

Does Sturdy provide test kits?


Does Sturdy do COVID antibody testing?

No. At this time Sturdy is not offering antibody testing for patients.

Where is the testing order/referral faxed to?

Your order or referral for a test will come to the COVID Clinic via computer.

What is the number to the COVID Clinic?

At this time the clinic number is not publicly available. Please call 508-236-8090 if you have further questions.