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Benefits of Walking to School 

First Step Sneakers ImageFirst and foremost- if your children are walking to school, the route must be safe. If you have identified a safe route with them, great- now you can learn a bit about why having them walk to school is good for them! 

  • It's healthy! Walking to school not only gets your kids moving in the morning, it allows you as their parent to squeeze in a few steps.
  • A morning walk outside can help "wake up" the mind and body preparing everyone for a productive day.
  • It bolsters a sense of community. You may see a few neighbors out walking that you wouldn't run into if you were driving or having your kids take the bus. 
  • There are plenty of teachable moments- from pedestrian safety, to identifying what type of tree is in a neighbors yard. 
  • It saves gas! 
  • It provides some quality time with your children.

Tackling Childhood Obesity Together

From Dr. Peter Roman

Dr. Peter RomanSimple changes can make an impact. When it comes to nutrition, swap out sugary beverages for water. If you find that your little ones struggle with drinking their water, infuse it with fruit for added flavor. Be mindful of portion sizes and second helpings. And when it comes to snacking, try offering healthier options such as whole fruit, cheese sticks, whole wheat crackers, and veggies and healthy dips. Plan ahead. With our busy schedules it can be hard to resist the ease of going to a drive-thru, but by planning your week you can identify where you have to pack a snack or meal. Keep in mind that if you have less temptation in your fridge and pantry, it makes it easier to make healthier choices.

Physical activity is important. Try to get your kids moving every day. The AAP recommends that children and adolescents engage in 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Consider enrolling them in an organized sport or having them tag along on an outdoor walk before dinner. It doesn't need to be complicated to work, it just has to happen. And when it comes screen time such as TV, tablets, video games, and more; recommendations vary. There can be some benefits, including education, so it's important to establish media and screen time guidelines within your home.A good, healthy rule is to limit 2 hours of screen use for entertainment.

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Sturdy Advice for Everyday Wellness

Having Fun in Parenthood

Parenting is a sport illustrationRaising kids is a full contact sport. Parents need a solid offense and defense at all times. And while there are some really good parenting books out there, nothing beats the advice of your trusted family medicine physician or pediatrician.

  • Planning for baby? Talk with your OB/GYN about steps to have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Vaccines- they're worth the pinch. Keep your kids up to date on important shots.
  • Helmets, shoulder pads, and knee pads- oh my! Wearing these can prevent injury.

Remember, being a parent is fun, but it helps when you have your playbook ready and know who to call when your child spikes a fever, where to go when a playground fall looks like a trip to the emergency room, and who can get your kid back in the game of life after an injury.

Taking the First Step

Sneakers First StepExercising is important- it can help control your weight while also helping to prevent or manage health conditions such as diabetes. But did you know that it can help improve your mood and energy levels? Let's face it, who doesn't need more energy these days!

  • Make exercise fun, the less it feels like a chore, the more you'll want to do it!
  • Remember, little things add up: take the stairs, park your car farthest from the entrance.
  • Get your heart pumping and your muscles burning with a combination of cardio and strength workouts.

You owe it to yourself to to get moving, 30 minutes a day is all it takes! If you need some guidance on taking that first step, let us know, we have a program that can help.

Appetite For Life

Fruits and Vegetables illustrationStart your health and wellness journey by making choices that help you live a fuller life. Nutrition plays a key role in your health and wellness. By adding more color to your plate and keeping your portions in check you can help yourself to a serving of health.

  • Drink enough water throughout the day, try infusing your water with citrus fruits, berries, and melons - it's delicious!
  • Half of your plates should be veggies and fruit- find fun ways to make them more appealing- cauliflower rice anyone?

Navigating Everyday Wellness

Doctor illustrationThere are things that you can do everyday to improve your overall wellness. And then there are things that you'll need a medical professional to help you with. You can't do it all alone (that's why you have us!). Making small changes can add up to be bigger changes in your health.

  • Wash your hands, it's easy but so important in preventing sickness! Sing Happy Birthday to know you're washing long enough.
  • Apply sunscreen- everyday- with at least an SPF of 30.
  • Don't just see your doctor when you're sick, schedule those annual appointments!