Published on January 11, 2021

What to Pack in Your Labor and Delivery Bag

pregnant woman holding stomach

You're welcoming a baby to the world – how exciting! Now that you've had most of your doctor's appointments, decorated the baby's room, and bought all the diapers and supplies you'll need to get through the first few months, you're finally ready to start packing your bags for the big day. Here are our top suggestions for items to bring with you to help transition into postpartum care with a newborn.

For You

Toiletries - With all the hustle and bustle, don't forget to pack the little things that you need for everyday use like a toothbrush, your contact case and solution, glasses, hair brush, and shampoo.

Maternity underwear - You're going to want to bring a few pairs of roomy cotton underwear so that you're comfortable. If you're having a C-section, make sure to bring underwear that goes over your incision and belly.

Phone and charger - remember you'll be in the hospital for a couple of days so you'll need to charge your phone after taking all your baby photos and videos!

Pillow - While the maternity unit provides great amenities, sometimes you want the comfort of familiarity with your own pillows, if this sounds like you - make sure to bring it with you!

Comfortable clothes - Once you're baby arrives, you'll want to change out of the hospital johnny into something more comfortable. Think open front pajamas and sweatshirts, sweat pants, leggings, and the like.

Nursing bras and tanks - If you're breastfeeding, bring a comfortable fitting nursing bra that you can adjust when you're feeding your baby. A nursing tank is also a great option and when paired with a robe or long cardigan provides great coverage.

Nipple pads - Regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or not, your breasts will likely leak colostrum and milk, nipple pads can help absorb this while keeping you comfortable.

Nursing pillow - There are a number of great options for nursing and feeding pillows that provide you with comfort and support when feeding your baby.

Nipple cream - Your breasts and nipples will likely be sore from feeding your newborn, which is completely normal! Our lactation consultants will make sure your babies latch and your positioning are working well for you both, but the initial discomfort can be relieved with some nipple cream that can help soothe and moisturize the area.

Breast pump - Some hospitals provide pumps, but you can always bring your own to learn how to use it or ask questions.

Shoes - Bring flip flops for the shower and easy to put on shoes or slippers with non-slip soles for walking around your room and your trip home.

For Your Partner

Comfortable clothes - Your support person should be wearing comfortable clothes as they'll be moving around with you, and sleeping in a sofa chair while they support you during your stay.

Pillows and blanket - There may not be much sleep with a newborn, but when your partner can get some rest they will likely be sleeping on a chair that folds into a bed. It may not be the most comfortable night's sleep, so bring a blanket and pillow to help.

Snacks and drinks with cooler bag - Because of the pandemic, your partner may not be able to leave the hospital for food. Pack a cooler with some items to snack on just in case. If you're pumping, you can use the cooler as storage for any extra milk.

For Baby

Coming home outfit - make sure the outfit you choose for your baby to go home in is right for the season. In the winter, bring a hat, mittens and booties for the baby. In the summer, a shirt and cotton pants with a light blanket over any exposed areas.

Installed car seat - You won't be able to leave the hospital without one. Make sure it's installed correctly prior to your departure and if you need help there are many resources online to walk you through the installation process.

Burp cloths - Your newborn will have lots of feedings as you get used to a new routine, which means you'll be burping your baby a lot – bring burp cloths to clean up after your little one.

Swaddle and blanket - No matter the weather, swaddling your newborn is always a good idea. We encourage safe sleep so a swaddle sleep type sack is our recommendation. If you have animals at home, bring a baby blanket with you so your partner can bring it home to introduce the smell of your baby before you bring them home.

Feeling overwhelmed, excited, and nervous are normal, and coming to the hospital prepared may help ease some of the anxiety that you might be feeling. If you have a birthing plan, make sure to discuss it with our team and bring an extra copy with you. Our nurses and staff are prepared to make your stay as comfortable as possible as you bring a new baby into your life.

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