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Quality & Safety

At Sturdy Memorial Hospital we're committed to delivering high quality care and ensuring patient safety. As our patient, you are our priority. We continuously seek ways to improve our policies and practices to ensure we are providing you with the best patient experience.

Sturdy's Commitment to Quality

It is our goal to provide you with exceptional care at each and every touch point. We do this through the development and implementation of appropriate systems, processes and technology. Through the Quality Oversight Committee, we are able to examine our processes and procedures and make necessary changes on the front lines of patient care when change is warranted so we can continue to deliver care that provides the best possible outcomes.

Through reporting hospital data provides patients with information about quality and safety. Patient Care Link provides data on a number of different quality measures. This data provides transparency and further provides us with information on areas we excel as well as those that we can improve upon.

Patient Safety

Patient safety involves reducing the risk of harm. At Sturdy we take steps to avoid accidents, errors, injuries and infections. Through our adverse events initiative, a committee of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and support staff analyze clinical processes and identify opportunities for errors to reach patients. From this information, they design and implement failsafes to prevent errors from reaching patients.

ICU Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

2017 Ratios

Name of ICU

Type of ICU

Average Daily Patient Census Average Daily Staff Nurse Census Average Daily Staff Nurse-to-Patient Ratio
January -
ICU Medical-Surgical 9.05556 5.36968 1 : 1.68642
April -
ICU Medical-Surgical 9.10989 5.30609 1 : 1.71687

July -

ICU Medical-Surgical 8.38043 5.33548 1 : 1.57070

October - December

ICU Medical-Surgical 8.78261 5.20981 1 : 1.68578


Andrew Raposo, RN, CEN, NRP
Director of Nursing