Published on September 15, 2020

Flu Shot Clinics at Sturdy Memorial Associates

With the flu season coming directly on the heels of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, its important now more than ever, to talk to your primary care provider about getting your flu shot.

The flu shot is an easy way to protect yourself and others from illness. While getting the flu shot can't guarantee that you won't get the flu, it can decrease your chances of contracting the virus and further reduces the severity of symptoms. With flu and COVID-19 sharing similar symptoms, getting your flu shot now can help you protect yourself against at least one of these viruses.

The best time to get your flu shot is between September and the end of October as it can take up to two weeks for immunity to develop. Our providers at Sturdy Memorial Associates have developed processes for you and your family to get your flu vaccinations in the most safe and convenient way possible.

Many of our primary care and pediatric practices are holding flu shot clinics. please call your provider’s office to learn more about scheduling your flu shot vaccination.

Reviewed by Public Relations on September 15, 2020