Preparing for Your Delivery | Sturdy Memorial Hospital | Attleboro, MA

Published on October 29, 2017

Preparing for Your Special Delivery

by Sturdy Memorial Hospital Public Relations 

If you can’t see your feet, crave cereal for dinner, and are up every two to three hours for a bathroom run—congratulations you are at the home stretch of your pregnancy! Nearing the end of this journey is an exciting yet nerve wrecking time. Thinking about the anticipated arrival of your baby along with your endless to-do list may make you feel as though there is not enough time to get it all done. While you may not be able to get everything checked off your list, making sure the important things are in place will provide you with some sense of relief.

Whether you are going every two weeks or are on the every week schedule, you see your doctors and nurses more often than some of your friends and family at this stage in pregnancy. By now you should be feeling pretty comfortable with your doctor. Make sure you have addressed any questions or concerns with your practitioner regardless of how frivolous you think they are.

Most importantly, start planning what you will do when the big day actually arrives. You and your partner should have a plan of action. Know your hospital route, if there are any detours, make sure you have alternate routes. Keep your vehicles gassed up, no one wants to be stopping at a gas station while having contractions. Install the infant car seat and have it inspected. Most fire stations and police stations are able to do this for you. This is especially important as most hospitals will not let you leave until they have identified that you have one properly installed.

Make certain you have methods of communication to reach your partner or birth coach at all times, if you rely solely on each other’s cell phones, think about getting office numbers plugged into your phones or at very least the number of a work buddy you can try to reach if necessary.

If you have other children, ensure that you have a family member or friend who can take them at the last minute, including in the middle of the night. You may want to make sure that they can take them for more than just a day or two in the event you have a cesarean section as the hospital stay is longer. If you have pets—the same applies.

“Pack your delivery bag,” recommends Paula Boothman, MSN, RNC, Nurse Manager of the Weber Maternity Unit at Sturdy Memorial Hospital. “Your due date is only an estimate give or take a few weeks. Try to have your bag packed by 34 weeks and ensure that you have your important documents ready to go—photo identification, insurance cards, birth plans (if you have one) and your hospital registration forms.”

What you chose to pack is obviously a personal choice, but a few recommendations include an extra bag to bring home anything the hospital may provide you with as well as any gifts you may receive from visitors, toiletries, comfortable clothes for you including a nursing bra or tank, robe, loose fitting sweat pants and socks. Phone chargers and cameras are helpful to capture any moments you wish to share with others. Some women also bring books, magazines and a tablet to keep them busy during labor. Bring a take home outfit for baby, you may want to bring more than one—make sure you laundered them in a baby friendly detergent!