Published on October 18, 2017

Sturdy Names Its October A.C.E.S.

Lisa Boss, Lead Patient Care Assistant in the Emergency Care Center has been selected A.C.E.S. (A Caring Employee of Sturdy) for the month of October.

A coworker said, “Lisa has very much grown in her role. She works hard to develop ideas and projects to improve the functionality of her role. She has worked hard to address the needs of her department, such as creating manuals to improve efficiency and education. She is dedicated to really improving her role.” Lisa was described as, “a role model for her peers.”

It was also said that, “She will always offer to help others; even it’s not her assignment. She has worked very hard to maintain positivity among her peers. Lisa has worked with leadership to create programs to improve job satisfaction. She is fun to work with and even during the craziest shift; she manages to bring laughter to ease the tension.”

 “Despite being pulled in multiple directions she never lets anyone feel her stress. She always walks into the room with a pleasant attitude no matter how busy she may be”

Lisa is a resident of Attleboro, MA and has been a Sturdy employee since 2006.

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