Published on January 22, 2017

It’s a New Year – Get Your Yearly!

New year, new you. Eat better. Exercise more. Catch up on your appointments. Does this sound like you? Well, with some planning and partnership, those goals can be achieved. For starters, if you’ve been putting off your annual physical – it’s time to schedule one. Keeping in touch with your primary care physician (PCP) and having your yearly done – well every year – can help you work towards the health and wellness goals you have for the New Year. Many try to go at it all alone. However, a key partner for success can be your health care provider.

Dr. Stephanie Muriglan, family medicine physician at Mansfield Health Center explains, “primary care focuses on preventative medicine, looking for signs of disease and treating them before the disease has a lasting effect on one’s health or quality of life. If you have a nagging question about your health and you’re not quite sure if it’s anything to worry about – call and make an appointment with your PCP. As a primary care provider, when I’m aware of my patient’s health issues, it enables me to manage those problems efficiently and prevent unpleasant and expensive trips to the emergency room.”

Your PCP can assist in getting you up to date on all of your vaccinations and tests and recommend anything new you should schedule, such as a mammogram or colonoscopy. “Even if you’re healthy – it’s important to have a primary care doctor who knows you when you’re healthy, which makes it easier to understand when and why you’re sick,” says Dr. Muriglan. And, with knowledge of your medical history, your physician can help and recommend the best ways for you to achieve your weight loss or healthy eating goals.

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