Published on July 16, 2017

Get Outside and Get Moving

By now your exercise routine may feel a little stale. You’ve likely been trapped indoors making use of one of the many gyms in the area or using home workout equipment to get you through your exercise routine in the cold months. With the warmer weather here, it’s time to get outdoors and see all that our community has to offer while getting your blood pumping.

Our local community has a few wonderful places to visit that you can work to incorporate into your exercise program. Why use an indoor step machine when you can climb the stadium seating at your local high school and reap the same benefits, if not more.

Whether you are into walking, jogging, running, biking and even hiking- the great outdoors provides an ever changing environment and terrain which keeps your mind and body challenged. Just a slight change in the wind or temperature and you may find yourself feeling more challenged during your workout than the day before. The more work your body has to do, the more calories you burn.

Working out outdoors also allows you to see your community from a different perspective. You can’t be connected to your phone or smart tablet when getting your exercise in outside, yes you may have your headphones in but you’ll be more in tuned to your surroundings- the sounds, smells and people that make up your community. It also allows you more opportunity to get your kids engaged in a healthy habit. If they see you tying up your laces to hit the pavement or gearing up with your bike helmet, they may be more intrigued to join you.

“We know the benefits of exercise are plentiful. It can help you control your weight while also helping to prevent or manage various health conditions and diseases including type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancers, and arthritis just to name a few,” says Deepthi De Silva, MD, Director of Medical Weight Management at Sturdy Memorial Hospital. It also helps to improve your mood and energy levels. With all that, it’s a surprise that there are not more of us getting active each and every day. Use the weather as a motivator to get yourself outside and moving.

For local outdoor alternatives- check out your local hiking trails, high school tracks and parks. Here in Attleboro, we have the Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary which provides 3 miles of trails immersed in all that nature has to offer not to mention the walking loops right in Capron Park Zoo. If you are new to exercise and need help getting started, joining Sturdy Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Exercise Program can help guide you to meet your health and fitness goals.