Published on July 11, 2017

Decades Long Relationships Continues

Paladin Healthcare™, LLC and Sturdy Memorial Hospital continue decade’s long relationship with the installation of new medical equipment rails after being one of the first hospitals to incorporate this product in the 1970’s. Paladin Healthcare is the second-generation operation of Fairfield Medical Products, which began in 1968 by Ernst F. Schindele. Ernst and his engineers talked to doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff to learn what was needed to provide the best possible healthcare. Together they developed best practices for healthcare provision. Out of that came the Equipment Management Rail – a mount for a variety of necessary items such as soaps and gloves to the more complicated medical devices.

Fairfield Medical provided Sturdy with one of the original medical equipment management rails that stood the test of time – and is still being put to good use today in our Emergency Trauma Room. Today, following the same tradition is Gary Schindele who explains the benefits of use, “through a lifecycle of changes, it virtually eliminates the damages, expenses, and lost patient revenue caused by regularly changing traditionally wall-mounted devices and enhances clinical efficiency and patient centered care.” Medical Device Mounting, such as ophthalmoscope's and monitors, will need to move during the growth of the environment to provide proper workflow for the staff, “our rails provide the best possible solutions to the modern needs of healthcare environments.”

Michael Link, Biomedical Manager at Sturdy Memorial Hospital, has been working closely with Paladin and leading the charge to incorporate rails, along with some additional products, into our new units and locations. “Evaluating our room layouts and equipment needs is necessary to ensuring our expansion projects and clinical areas are aesthetically pleasing as well as optimized for patient care,” said Michael.

In Paladin Healthcare, Sturdy has a quality relationship and supplier of top-notch equipment. The Equipment Management Rail product assists our clinical care team in the delivery of excellent patient care that’s both cost-effective, affordable, and seamless for our staff. Since 1913 with the establishment of the Hospital – through the 1970’s and being a first-adapter of medical rails – and now in 2017 as we establish urgent care centers and invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment, Sturdy continues as an innovator in the hospital and health care industry.

Paladin Healthcare LLC manufactures Fairfield-Style Medical Equipment Management Rail and Accessories and custom Headwall Systems. Our passion is to support state-of-the art healthcare facilities which promote clinical efficiency, cleanliness, and excellence for best practice patient care. The Fairfield-style profile of our rail, originally developed more than 40 years ago, is backward and forward compatibility to any existing Fairfield-Style rail installation providing continuity and maximized return on investment. Paladin has offices throughout the United States and Germany. For more information visit

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