Published on July 27, 2015

Wound Management Services at Sturdy Memorial Hospital Celebrates 20th Anniversary

ATTLEBORO, MA – Wound Management Services (WMS) at Sturdy Memorial Hospital celebrates 20 years since it first opened its doors in 1995. This center was the first of its kind in southeastern Massachusetts, and one of only 150 centers nationwide. Sturdy’s team of experienced physicians, surgeons, wound care specialists, and registered nurses, specializes in the evaluation and treatment of chronic, nonhealing wounds.

Since its inception, WMS has treated over 78,000 patients with an outstanding healing rate of 98.1 percent. In addition, WMS consistently heals patients faster than the national average, healing patients in an average of 41 days, in comparison to the average of 66 days, when benchmarked with over 700 wound care centers nationally.

If you notice that you have a wound, immediately contact your health care provider. If there are no signs of healing or the wound has not healed completely within six weeks, advanced wound care may be necessary. Neglected wounds can result in infection, or in severe cases, amputation.

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