Published on October 09, 2015

Professional Excellence at Sturdy Memorial Hospital Names Second Group of Clinical Ladder Nurses

ATTLEBORO, MA – Sturdy Memorial Hospital has honored a second group of Registered Nurses (RNs) in its Clinical Ladder Program. The Clinical Ladder Program is designed to promote professional identity, research, education, leadership, and clinical excellence within the nursing staff. The creation of this program represents the commitment that Sturdy’s RNs have to lifelong education and excellent patient care. All worked diligently to create and expand their professional and nursing portfolios. The Program was designed by the Nurse Practice Forum at Sturdy, made up of nursing staff from various clinical areas, who identified attributes that best characterize nursing excellence.

During a recent program reception, Sturdy welcomed 17 Registered Nurses into its Clinical Ladder Program, including nine Clinical Nurse II, six Clinical Nurse III, and two Clinical Nurse IV practitioners. Each level represents gaining additional experience and clinical practice. Through participation in further educational activities, involvement within the Hospital and community, and continuously going above and beyond their required nursing duties, all of which required detailed documentation, this elite group of nurses qualified for the Clinical Ladder.

Sturdy’s newest Clinical Ladder RNs are:

Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Eugenia Hazeldine CNIII; Laura Mulcahy CNII

Balfour Unit: Nicole Corneau CNII

Weber Unit (Labor & Delivery): Kristine Bonneau CNIII; Caroline Dalpe CNII; Linda McCluskey CNII; Deborah Shoenfelder CNIV

Montplaisir Unit: Connie Andresen CNIII

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU): Jennifer Cerrone CNII; Erica Gaumond CNII; Claire Winter CNII

Wound Management Services: Margaret Almeida CNII; Elizabeth Nye CNII

Oncology: Idalinia Colbrun CNIV; Mary Crowley CNIII; Lisa Massa CNIII

The Pain Clinic: Anne Marie Lewis CNIII