Sturdy Building 1915By a generous clause in her will, Ellen A. Winsor bequeathed the hilltop Victorian mansion of her parents, James and Adah Sturdy, to the town of Attleboro to be used for a general hospital. Mrs. Winsor also placed the remainder of her estate in a permanent trust fund in order for its income to be used exclusively for the hospital's maintenance and development.

The location for the hospital was ideal. However, the cost to prepare the property for a modern hospital was more than town officials felt comfortable asking its citizens to appropriate. As a result, a not-for-profit corporation organized under Massachusetts law was formed and called the Attleborough Hospital.

The corporation offered to take the property and simple wood frame house and renovate it, build new additions, erect a modern operating wing and equip the whole plant.

On April 14, 1913, the general hospital opened its doors as a modest 15-bed facility. It was called Sturdy Memorial Hospital. In our continuous effort to provide the highest level of care, the hospital has invested in the latest equipment and renovated its physical plant as needed to ensure our patients and medical staff have access to a state-of-the-art facility and technology. Our consistent financial strength enables us to support our clinical and technological objectives. Our commitment to exceptional health care drives us to continually challenge ourselves to provide unparalleled service to our patients.

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