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Quality Assurance

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Sturdy Memorial has participated in CQI for many years. Annual goals that reflect medical and nursing aspects of cancer care are monitored and reported to Cancer Committee.

Cancer Committee

The multi-disciplinary Cancer Committee provides direction for the cancer program. The goal is to improve cancer control efforts in prevention, early diagnosis, pre-treatment evaluation, staging, treatment, symptom management and care of the dying patient. Click here to see our Cancer Committee Members.

Tumor Conference

Meetings are held once a month and attended by a multi-disciplinary group of physicians and nurses. Actual cancer cases are presented including diagnostic work-up and pathology. The opinions of surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology are presented for discussion regarding treatment recommendations.

Tumor Registry

For more than 25 years Sturdy Memorial Hospital's Cancer Registry has collected detailed information on our patients diagnosed with cancer. The data includes patient demographic, diagnostic and treatment information and is used to influence and improve cancer care at Sturdy Memorial. A nationally certified registrar collects the information for Hospital use and also submits data to the Massachusetts Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Data Base. Data reported to the Massachusetts Cancer Registry is used to monitor and analyze the overall cancer incidence statewide and to provide data for cancer research studies. The National Cancer Data Base serves as a comprehensive clinical surveillance resource for cancer care in the United States.

Oncologists have access to data on over 3,600 cases diagnosed since 1993, including: date of initial diagnosis, site, histology, grade, stage, tumor marker studies, imaging studies, laboratory and treatment information. Physicians and members of the cancer care team utilize registry information to assess current treatment plans as well as to plan for new equipment or services for our patients and the community.

Breast Cancer Conference

Sturdy Memorial's Breast Cancer Conference began in January 1998 as a platform for radiologists, pathologists, and surgeons to optimize communication between each link in the chain of patient care. The conference instantly became a weekly meeting, fostering dialogue among experts in surgery, radiology and pathology to create a strong partnership for better cancer care. Each patient's case receives special attention; all elements, from mammography to surgery, to pathologic findings and staging are scrutinized by the Breast Cancer Conference team.

After reviewing the results of mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies and other tests, the team discusses the best treatment options. Each specialist offers advice based on experience with similar cases. Recent studies and current clinical trials are also discussed. The patient's history, condition, wishes and quality of life are carefully considered. Each physician leaves the breast cancer conference with a comprehensive set of treatment recommendations tailored to their patient's needs. » Anatomy of the Breast Cancer Conference