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Play our television commercials, radio ads, and on-camera and on-air interviews to learn more about us.

:30 TV: Comprehensive Cancer Care - I Am Sturdy (2017)

:30 TV: Surgery Services (2015)

:30 TV: Maternity Services (2014)

:30 TV: Amazing Medicine (2014)

:30 TV: 100th Anniversary (2013)

Radio Ads

:30 Radio: Comprehensive Cance Care - I Am Sturdy (2017)

:30 Radio: Patients want to be in good hands (2015)

:30 Radio: Having surgery can put anyone on edge, but I had mine at Sturdy (2015)

:30 Radio: Nothing comes close to the experience of having a baby (2014)

:30 Radio: I made the right choice to have my baby at Sturdy (2014)

:30 Radio: My family counts on Sturdy (2014)

:30 Radio: Happy with my health care team (2014)

:30 Radio: 100th Anniversary (2013)


Dr. Brian Patel Talks Ebola, 10/23/2014 Sturdy Memorial Hospital

Cancer Survivor Celebration: Interview, 6/1/2014 The Sun Chronicle

Pain Clinic Spinal Procedure: Interview, 6/12/2013 NBC 10

Stroke: On-Air Interview, 3/2/2014 Coast 93.3, B101, 94HJY, and News Radio 920