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Celebrating 100 Years of Service

Over the last 100 years, medicine, and this community, have evolved. So, too, has Sturdy Memorial Hospital. Since our founding in 1913, we’ve incorporated countless medical advances, kept pace with clinical and technological trends, and earned numerous achievements. We have expanded our services, capabilities, and facilities as necessary to meet the needs of our patients. But what hasn’t changed since our founding, and what we will uphold as we look forward to the next century, is our commitment to providing high-quality, personalized care.

This year, we’d like to celebrate this commitment and our century of service with our community.


"A most necessary and beneficent organization."
Before 1913, health care options for Attleboro-area residents were limited, and people had to travel to hospitals in Boston or Providence for their medical needs. Out of the objective to make health care accessible and local, came a solution: Sturdy Memorial Hospital, which opened its doors on April 14, 1913.

Then, and today, Sturdy is the reason why people don’t have to travel outside our community for comprehensive health care services. We provide essentially all but a handful of major procedures, like organ transplants, cardiac surgery, and brain neurosurgery, with the same degree of expertise as bigger institutions. And our hospital is supported by expert, caring staff; the latest medical technologies; and a tradition of commitment to delivering high-quality care to our patients.

A century ago, Ellen A. Winsor bequeathed the estate of her parents (James H. and Adah S. Sturdy) to be used as a general hospital. In our first year, we had only four doctors on our medical staff, 19 patient beds in the facility, and 183 patients admitted and 130 operations. Despite these modest numbers, Sturdy was nonetheless termed "a most necessary and beneficient organization" for our neighbors.

Sturdy continues to be an essential resource in the community, meeting the diverse medical, surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic needs of our patients. That Sturdy is "a most necessary and beneficent organization," still holds true today.

“It is an Honor to Serve.”
Sturdy’s success and ability to offer high-quality, compassionate patient care has always been the result of many different people, from our employees, staff, and volunteers, to our board members and supporters. Their loyalty to the Hospital, enthusiasm for and pride in their professions, and compassion for our patients led to our former motto: “It is an honor to serve.”

While the motto encapsulating our earlier years is no longer used today, "It is an honor to serve" continues to be our collective sentiment.

"Amazing Medicine. Surprisingly Close."
Our community has relied on us for expert, local medical care, since 1913. We take pride in that. We take pride in being able to offer outstanding services like our cancer care program, which incorporates surgical oncology, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, clinical trials, and access to palliative care, all available right here in the community. And to provide other extensive services, including cardiology, orthopedic, gastroenterology, maternity, and emergency services.

We’re proud to say that our continuous initiatives to ensure quality and safety are award-winning. Sturdy was one of only 10 hospitals in Massachusetts to earn the designation of Top Performer on Key Quality Measures™ 2011 from The Joint Commission, and The Leapfrog Group selected Sturdy as a Top Hospital in 2012.

We take pride in being able to not just convey our current motto—"Amazing Medicine. Surprisingly Close."— but to provide it, year in and year out.

100 Years
Sturdy’s 100-year existence has embraced radical advances in medicine. Though our founders might not recognize our current technologies, therapies, and procedures—even the facility itself after years of expansion and modernization—they would understand that behind the care and services we provide is the same commitment to our patients and community that attributed to our founding. And it’s the same commitment that will keep us delivering safe, quality care for another 100 years.

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